Dads Really Would Like To Avoid Teen Pregnancy, Working The Pole

Fathers don't want daughters with big asses or tittiesWe really just want daughters who are happy. Hey it’s your body, whatever you are happy with we can deal with. But we do have moments where what you are wearing takes us a little aback… we just are trying to keep you from the pole and when you walk out of the house looking like that’s where you’re going we get a little worried.
dad pleas "please don't show the thong"
Get the job before you go native. Otherwise you are getting the job because they want the thong – dad’s sometimes really know the smile not the thong

The smile should be enough. Leave the rest out of the imaginations and you never know they may realize you are the right fit for the job. Okay we worry… but we wouldn’t be dad’s otherwise.

We want to protect those close to us..

If you think the guy code covers it you obviously are not a dad. We may avoid being the messenger to a mate (real ones would get a heads up) but our direct family always gets the direct answer.

Guys like Anthony will come and go – the right partner does not cheat – you will learn that and we will be there and be very happy when you one cheats on our daughters

Guess dad raised Anthony to be a player… not really helping the son’s chances on holding on to the girl. Hate the game – laugh at the player.

There are far more pressing concerns – get the education and enjoy your lives. But hey someone has to take those jobs. Young unwed pregnant daughters scare fathers. We see Teen Moms as a cautionary tale, not some humous reality show.pregnancy is as bad as working the pole

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