Sometimes We Don’t Want To Know

dad reallyAs the headline states… sometimes we don’t want to know. Though if you look at the avatar pic, maybe the dad was really wondering. Dads usually are fine with their sons having sex, but real head in the sand about daughters’ sex lives – we really don’t want to know unless they are pregnant – we can still have virginal thoughts of our little girls.

Then again, we would rather give away the car then think of the possibility of the other question – dad was most probably just becoming aware and was fogged over, asking incredulously the question.
Cars Or Babies
We rarely offer overly expensive first cars… we do not all have “super sweet 16” pockets, and if I did I would never give an expensive car… that first clutch and body and brakes always get abused. Older cars can have character and develop it. We mainly try to help.. but can have ‘senior’ or maybe more accurately ‘overwhelmed dad’ moments.

no pole dancing
Dads always strive to keep their daughters from the pole – on behalf of most dads I wish this woman well… thinking liking ‘black boys’ is bad is an issue all its own. But from the tweets I have been reading there does seem to be enough screwed up dads, just like there are screwed up kids.
playing catch with dad
I'd buy that for a dollar
not all women are feminine
beacon to deacon
But there are occasions when you have to ask what motivates the dad to some of the things… just as the most tweeted “my dad really pisses me off” phrase is present, there are dads with boiling blood from things their kids do.
I may leave the ex wife a dollar… my kids get an education and some solid life experiences.
texas bbq available in a few hours

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