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Have grabbed a few amusing tweets over the past few months as I pondered how to build the site. So here goes, I will search through Twitter – will try every day but can’t promise – and come up with what attracts the eye from the “dad really” tweets. I will eventually add a hashtag but I really want to capture these tweets in the wild.

Dad Really - Said With Mostly LoveOkay so this was a little lame – but it was the first one I saw when this concept came to me. I am learning and hope you can offer suggestions and even comments about the ones I have chosen.

I feel for this girl…. a birthday hot dog – may have been appreciated by someone under seven – I think that is the cut off there.

More dad really tweetsI’m floating between the hot dog and the car – though my daughter did get one for her 17th birthday… and see I knew the cut off was 7 years old!! – sad to see the wondering… you get concern for dad, desire to be aware and acknowledgement of not knowing.

I have been thinking about cutting off the tweeters info – but this was posted in to the public void – one of the cautionary flags about posting on public social networks… things gets shared.

dad really caresBut we also like to screw with you a little – it is one of the ways we let you know you are not running a lot by us. True we never get it all, but we get a lot more then you may realize. We give you some space until the benefit is abused and we have to cut back… smart play is to start improving how to read us…

dad really that music sucks– Why exactly are we the ones who don’t know anything when we just don’t listen or largely like the same types of music? If my guys slowly learn the music of the past, they will know more music overall than I do that impresses me. But I have kept up somewhat.

dad really arcade fireI knew about Arcade Fire because of their cool HTML5 video – the integration of the Google Maps API to find the address and then work it in to the video is inspiring… this internet thing could last.

I would have recognized the Angry Birds music… it was a distraction for a few days.. and occasionally if not reading when on the subway I will try conquering another annoying level…

dad really does not like this eitherThis is one most dad’s would have trouble with – and it does not matter the age – but then we were the age of the stupid askers and can sometimes (not often and not at first) understand where they are coming from…

dad really does not get it alwaysWe try but never get it right and don’t mind being your amusement on occasion.

The Clothing thing is one generational clash we find hard to have complete common ground. I like my clothes and no matter what the age of the woman saying how it is not cool or appropriate or just plain ugly – we don’t care… some clothes are just comfortable and friendly. Polo shirts are easy.
dad really likes these clothesBut I try to avoid the shirts with the big brand labels on them… little too trendy for mine – but know I have choices that annoy the kids… live with it, you have just as many that annoy us.

dad really loves the military
Without a doubt we always want the best for you… and sometimes it may not seem like it – just the way it goes. Being computer savvy will go a longer way then athletic prowess when it comes to job security. Hey it may pay for college, and even then the dreams far outnumber the reality – my pocket was disappointed when my daughter turned down a full ride for soccer – but her reason that she wanted to concentrate on school and not have to be distracted by the two-a-day practices was alright by me.

The military option if done at an early age has many long term benefits. You get an additional pension which could come in handy – if they are still paying them by the time you get to retire. Not my fault, I did not elect most of the government’s that have caused such havoc on the economy.

But enough of the moaning, the main intent of this blog is to be humorous – have a little light reading that brings a smile.

dad really thinks this is weirdThis one is a bit of a mystery to me, but if you look at the avatar I suppose the dad is really hoping. But really – even I have a hard time imaging the possibility.

dad really hopes the looks will come

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