Dad Really Wants The Best

Air Force is a career choiceThis dad I like – smart move on the subliminal suggestion. We want the best for our kids – that 20 year commitment goes fast enough and you have benefits and a pension and are only in your early 40s. You can go back to college, get a government backed housing loan and much more.we want to bash our heads too

We want to bash ours too… and have wanted to for a much longer time!!!

The little joys of embarrassing your kids is a major benefit of being a parent – but most of the time we lose the thread and come up lame… we get over it quicker.

If you are a divorced dad you more than likely have drunk dialed your kids… my daughter has had a few – but it usually happens because she is last previous conversation sober.

Lol, this one just seems such a lame tweet – needs some beer perhaps. But bored drinkers usually need text support.

When nature calls, it doesn’t mind if it gets used to answer the call. Have never done this but think the daughter is enough of a naturist.

Dads really love their yards – find a corner but try not to let me see – if I do you will do pool time. Come on its is just disrespectful – we have bathrooms in the house.

But we will gladly buy burgers if the dog is not crapping in our yards. Hey if a dog can show more respect than one of the kids’ friends – not saying much for the pool-drench fool urinating in the yard.

This dad really needs some help if he is going to fall for this one. Though if I was played like this the iguana would be on the grill and eaten at the first bbq where the piercing made its debut.

Becoming a cop is like joining the military – great pension and benefits – but it also offers the positive of starting on the right side of the law. You can do a lot worse, though that depends on the city force you join – some are more dangerous than others.

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