Dad Really Knows How To Piss Kids Off

most dads carry kids pics in walletOkay dads can be lazy, but I have to feel for this kid. Could they be of his other family and just had wrong wallet in his pocket? Guess some of the following reactions may be warranted but they seem a little intense.
I love you DadTell us how you really feel! This one does not give a clue why or what dad did, but you have to figure it was something earth shattering – or maybe he just forgot – we do occasionally and not for any intentional reason.
wash mouth with soap old schoolThe old school method of dealing with swearing seems appropriate for some tweeters. Really kids let me know in the comments why such heated hate. Guess some use Twitter as their psychiatrist’s couch.
I'm not feeling the loveSome can’t seem to get it all out with one tweet and let them fly off those angry fingers. With tweets like this it is understandable why most kids don’t have their parents in their social network.
Would love to have some way to have all these types of tweets sent to them in 20 years when they have kids. Might wake them up a little to why their own kids are shooting at them!
now this is fatherly loveSo what are the odds this dad has read some of his son’s tweets? Really dad – great way to have your kid trust you and feel save around you.
It seems that angry tweets should be avoided – they are fast become the new drunk dialing – or at least the kids version of it.

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