Dad Really Has Food Issues

fast food no noI am not strict about the fast food ban, especially in moderation, but family rules are family rules. Being able to cook something decent as an alternative.

McDad's for when dad burns dinner

Sometimes McDs stands for McDad’s – the place to go when dad burns dinner. Hopefully they bring some back for you too.

Tacos or goat's blood - really!

Fast food seems a lot safer than goat’s blood. So dad when you need that ride to Taco Bell you could always threaten the goat blood rice pops alternative as breakfast. Pity Chipolte is not open that late, my daughter would make the run every time.
The goat thing is out there – no offense to what ever culture has this as a meal. Though it must cut down on having your kids bring the friends over for dinner.

killer peanutsGiving people tips on how to kill your kids is a little weird – have to side with Michelle here and suggest she checks how much life insurance dad is carrying on her. These economic times are tough and you can always have another kid…

fat people need more food?Guess you could just keep over feeding the kids till they explode. A tip to the kids here – just don’t eat it all and watch your parents explode. Though health food is generally more expensive so maybe that is why the high spend.

soup and sandwich no longer good?Hey dad get the kids to read the alternatives above – they could be getting burnt offerings or goat blood. And when did soup and sandwich become unpopular?

share your foodFunny how people get worked up when left off a food run. Both kids and dads should always ask – the family that eats together….

I don’t think the dad’s reaction is justified, but then again there is usually a lot more behind such reactions. Make it a habit to always ask, most times you won’t need to get more, but both sides will be happier they were asked.

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