Dad Really Doesn’t Want To See These Tweets

dad in jail tweetApart from the endless tweets bitching about how much their dads can make them mad or ruin their day, which can hurt, there are some that dads would REALLY not want to see their kids posting. This first one would make any dad cringe – granted the dad in question is really not in a position to see it, but posting it is sure to have all the poster’s friends looking at the dad differently in the future.
And this one hurts too – either the kids have to deal with their dad being hammered all too often or sooner or later they will be making the top post. While I am not a teetotaler, you need to consider the kids.
I love this one – but would be mortified if one of mine were to post it. You have put in the legwork, your kids know what manners are – an impressive thing in this day and age – and then you undermine it all but not following it yourself. This is one that cannot be covered by do what I say or not what I do – that never works anyway. Manners don’t cost anything – use them too, aged has nothing to do with it.
my parents are my slavesWhen I saw this I did a double take. You have got to be kidding me – unless your intention was to have a dominatrix in training, there is something wrong here. Grounded would not be the only solution to this little one. The chores added would flip the tables leaving this one wondering if scared straight was an easier option.
dad is my taxiThis one is nearly as bad – true we have a responsibility to get our children to various things but a taxi we are not. Dad needs to go out and buy a meter and put that up – give your daughter a weekly budget and once over that start taking it out of her pocketmoney.
dad wants daughter to drive him to hookerUsing you daughter as a taxi to pick up hookers – what more can you say – REALLY DAD REALLY. This one is wrong on so many levels, apart from the legality – how many of the relatives follow her? Guess dad will not be attending any family events any time soon.
dad  eats pussyGuess this one was after the visit to the brothel… I don’t know which is worse, the tweet itself or having the conversation at IHOP. Not exactly public breakfast conversation. One added note for the son, you may find the girls less attracted to you after that post.
don't feed dogs cheetos or get suedThought this one was a good way to end. Kids suing their parents may have grounds occasionally – one above comes to mind. Seeing a tweet that my child was going to take me to court is something I don’t want to see.

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