Dad Really Does Not Mean To Be Creepy

thin line between a compliment and being creepyThere is a thin line between giving a compliment and being creepy. This tweeter must have felt a vibe – because frankly she is an attractive girl and it is not surprising she gets compliments. I remember my grandfather had pet names for all of my sister’s girlfriends and I know he did so innocently.
Dads beware - don't compliment this oneLooks almost like an escort adHave to wonder how many of these comments she gets given the pic and the profile words – “Fre$haa than a pillow wit a mint on it ;)” – Bonkers19 must be a player. Guess she did not get the message about things being forever on the web.
It is profiles like this that make parents scared about social media.

Dads love terms of endearment for their daughtersSee dads love their pet names for their daughters – mine has banned me from using her’s in front of anyone. But she loved it when she was 6. You can tell this daughter is on the fence about dad’s compliment.
Hooters and Victoria Secret's is not a good job recommendation for your daughter
New perfume Titty Bar French WhoreSome dads just don’t know how to talk to their daughters. Suggest Hooters as a job place and you are just pointing them to the pole – see the post below. It is our job to nurture them and be their support. Step out and away from the trailer and allow your daughter to have more opportunity.
See to me both of these tweets have a far more creepy aspect to them.
Dad and son sharing
If you can't remember it did not happenThese two last ones have a completely different creepiness to them. Some conversations should not be made public and by that I mean not just Twitter – not in front of the kids!

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