Dad Really Are You The Father?

so mom is a MILFGuess mom is a MILF. Not really what most kids would want to hear someone say – but maybe it was meant as a compliment. Yeah right – this is a comment that could lead to injuries.
kids say the darndest things
Guess this kid would not mind the comment. Hey maybe dad is not really your dad, though this tweet shows a little of your dad in you.
was that a tweet or a twit?
Don’t see kids using twit often, so hats off to having a solid vocabulary. Am thinking the twit may have had some input on that. And it is a better tweet than the usual bitching about dads on Twitter.
I'm telling dad
LOL – another one you don’t hear so much. Have to give it to this kid, maybe she has learned something she can’t wait to share with her dad. Isn’t that a better idea than the other possibilities. As a dad this tweet would have me worried, but happy I have that rapport with my daughter that I am the person she would come to.
some don't marry men like their dadsGirls don’t always marry guys like their dads – personally I would love to see my daughter marry someone really rich.

dad I'm gay hard words to sayFunny how many of these types of tweets there are. I understand the difficulty a child would experience with this – but most parents just want their kids to be happy. Hey you have shared it on Twitter, take the next step you may be surprised.

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