Dad Really Does Not Mean To Be Creepy

There is a thin line between giving a compliment and being creepy. This tweeter must have felt a vibe – because frankly she is an attractive girl and it is not surprising she gets compliments. I remember my grandfather had pet names for all of my sister’s girlfriends and I know he did so innocently. Have to wonder how many of these comments she gets given the pic and the profile words – “Fre$haa than a pillow wit a mint on it ;)” – Bonkers19 must be a player. Guess she did not get the message about things being forever …Read more »

Dad Really Knows How To Piss Kids Off

Okay dads can be lazy, but I have to feel for this kid. Could they be of his other family and just had wrong wallet in his pocket? Guess some of the following reactions may be warranted but they seem a little intense. Tell us how you really feel! This one does not give a clue why or what dad did, but you have to figure it was something earth shattering – or maybe he just forgot – we do occasionally and not for any intentional reason. The old school method of dealing with swearing seems appropriate for some tweeters. …Read more »

Dad Really Are You The Father?

Guess mom is a MILF. Not really what most kids would want to hear someone say – but maybe it was meant as a compliment. Yeah right – this is a comment that could lead to injuries. Guess this kid would not mind the comment. Hey maybe dad is not really your dad, though this tweet shows a little of your dad in you. Don’t see kids using twit often, so hats off to having a solid vocabulary. Am thinking the twit may have had some input on that. And it is a better tweet than the usual bitching about …Read more »

Dad Really Has Food Issues

I am not strict about the fast food ban, especially in moderation, but family rules are family rules. Being able to cook something decent as an alternative. Sometimes McDs stands for McDad’s – the place to go when dad burns dinner. Hopefully they bring some back for you too. Fast food seems a lot safer than goat’s blood. So dad when you need that ride to Taco Bell you could always threaten the goat blood rice pops alternative as breakfast. Pity Chipolte is not open that late, my daughter would make the run every time. The goat thing is out …Read more »

Dad Really Doesn’t Want To See These Tweets

Apart from the endless tweets bitching about how much their dads can make them mad or ruin their day, which can hurt, there are some that dads would REALLY not want to see their kids posting. This first one would make any dad cringe – granted the dad in question is really not in a position to see it, but posting it is sure to have all the poster’s friends looking at the dad differently in the future. And this one hurts too – either the kids have to deal with their dad being hammered all too often or sooner …Read more »

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