Dad Really Wants The Best

This dad I like – smart move on the subliminal suggestion. We want the best for our kids – that 20 year commitment goes fast enough and you have benefits and a pension and are only in your early 40s. You can go back to college, get a government backed housing loan and much more. We want to bash ours too… and have wanted to for a much longer time!!! The little joys of embarrassing your kids is a major benefit of being a parent – but most of the time we lose the thread and come up lame… we …Read more »

Sometimes We Don’t Want To Know

As the headline states… sometimes we don’t want to know. Though if you look at the avatar pic, maybe the dad was really wondering. Dads usually are fine with their sons having sex, but real head in the sand about daughters’ sex lives – we really don’t want to know unless they are pregnant – we can still have virginal thoughts of our little girls. Then again, we would rather give away the car then think of the possibility of the other question – dad was most probably just becoming aware and was fogged over, asking incredulously the question. We …Read more »

The Ups Upped On Dad Really Tweets

First Dad Really Tweets

Have grabbed a few amusing tweets over the past few months as I pondered how to build the site. So here goes, I will search through Twitter – will try every day but can’t promise – and come up with what attracts the eye from the “dad really” tweets. I will eventually add a hashtag but I really want to capture these tweets in the wild. Okay so this was a little lame – but it was the first one I saw when this concept came to me. I am learning and hope you can offer suggestions and even comments …Read more »

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