Dad Really Does Not Mean To Be Creepy

thin line between a compliment and being creepyThere is a thin line between giving a compliment and being creepy. This tweeter must have felt a vibe – because frankly she is an attractive girl and it is not surprising she gets compliments. I remember my grandfather had pet names for all of my sister’s girlfriends and I know he did so innocently.
Dads beware - don't compliment this oneLooks almost like an escort adHave to wonder how many of these comments she gets given the pic and the profile words – “Fre$haa than a pillow wit a mint on it ;)” – Bonkers19 must be a player. Guess she did not get the message about things being forever on the web.
It is profiles like this that make parents scared about social media.

Dads love terms of endearment for their daughtersSee dads love their pet names for their daughters – mine has banned me from using her’s in front of anyone. But she loved it when she was 6. You can tell this daughter is on the fence about dad’s compliment.
Hooters and Victoria Secret's is not a good job recommendation for your daughter
New perfume Titty Bar French WhoreSome dads just don’t know how to talk to their daughters. Suggest Hooters as a job place and you are just pointing them to the pole – see the post below. It is our job to nurture them and be their support. Step out and away from the trailer and allow your daughter to have more opportunity.
See to me both of these tweets have a far more creepy aspect to them.
Dad and son sharing
If you can't remember it did not happenThese two last ones have a completely different creepiness to them. Some conversations should not be made public and by that I mean not just Twitter – not in front of the kids!

Dad Really Knows How To Piss Kids Off

most dads carry kids pics in walletOkay dads can be lazy, but I have to feel for this kid. Could they be of his other family and just had wrong wallet in his pocket? Guess some of the following reactions may be warranted but they seem a little intense.
I love you DadTell us how you really feel! This one does not give a clue why or what dad did, but you have to figure it was something earth shattering – or maybe he just forgot – we do occasionally and not for any intentional reason.
wash mouth with soap old schoolThe old school method of dealing with swearing seems appropriate for some tweeters. Really kids let me know in the comments why such heated hate. Guess some use Twitter as their psychiatrist’s couch.
I'm not feeling the loveSome can’t seem to get it all out with one tweet and let them fly off those angry fingers. With tweets like this it is understandable why most kids don’t have their parents in their social network.
Would love to have some way to have all these types of tweets sent to them in 20 years when they have kids. Might wake them up a little to why their own kids are shooting at them!
now this is fatherly loveSo what are the odds this dad has read some of his son’s tweets? Really dad – great way to have your kid trust you and feel save around you.
It seems that angry tweets should be avoided – they are fast become the new drunk dialing – or at least the kids version of it.

Dad Really Are You The Father?

so mom is a MILFGuess mom is a MILF. Not really what most kids would want to hear someone say – but maybe it was meant as a compliment. Yeah right – this is a comment that could lead to injuries.
kids say the darndest things
Guess this kid would not mind the comment. Hey maybe dad is not really your dad, though this tweet shows a little of your dad in you.
was that a tweet or a twit?
Don’t see kids using twit often, so hats off to having a solid vocabulary. Am thinking the twit may have had some input on that. And it is a better tweet than the usual bitching about dads on Twitter.
I'm telling dad
LOL – another one you don’t hear so much. Have to give it to this kid, maybe she has learned something she can’t wait to share with her dad. Isn’t that a better idea than the other possibilities. As a dad this tweet would have me worried, but happy I have that rapport with my daughter that I am the person she would come to.
some don't marry men like their dadsGirls don’t always marry guys like their dads – personally I would love to see my daughter marry someone really rich.

dad I'm gay hard words to sayFunny how many of these types of tweets there are. I understand the difficulty a child would experience with this – but most parents just want their kids to be happy. Hey you have shared it on Twitter, take the next step you may be surprised.

Dad Really Has Food Issues

fast food no noI am not strict about the fast food ban, especially in moderation, but family rules are family rules. Being able to cook something decent as an alternative.

McDad's for when dad burns dinner

Sometimes McDs stands for McDad’s – the place to go when dad burns dinner. Hopefully they bring some back for you too.

Tacos or goat's blood - really!

Fast food seems a lot safer than goat’s blood. So dad when you need that ride to Taco Bell you could always threaten the goat blood rice pops alternative as breakfast. Pity Chipolte is not open that late, my daughter would make the run every time.
The goat thing is out there – no offense to what ever culture has this as a meal. Though it must cut down on having your kids bring the friends over for dinner.

killer peanutsGiving people tips on how to kill your kids is a little weird – have to side with Michelle here and suggest she checks how much life insurance dad is carrying on her. These economic times are tough and you can always have another kid…

fat people need more food?Guess you could just keep over feeding the kids till they explode. A tip to the kids here – just don’t eat it all and watch your parents explode. Though health food is generally more expensive so maybe that is why the high spend.

soup and sandwich no longer good?Hey dad get the kids to read the alternatives above – they could be getting burnt offerings or goat blood. And when did soup and sandwich become unpopular?

share your foodFunny how people get worked up when left off a food run. Both kids and dads should always ask – the family that eats together….

I don’t think the dad’s reaction is justified, but then again there is usually a lot more behind such reactions. Make it a habit to always ask, most times you won’t need to get more, but both sides will be happier they were asked.

Dad Really Doesn’t Want To See These Tweets

dad in jail tweetApart from the endless tweets bitching about how much their dads can make them mad or ruin their day, which can hurt, there are some that dads would REALLY not want to see their kids posting. This first one would make any dad cringe – granted the dad in question is really not in a position to see it, but posting it is sure to have all the poster’s friends looking at the dad differently in the future.
And this one hurts too – either the kids have to deal with their dad being hammered all too often or sooner or later they will be making the top post. While I am not a teetotaler, you need to consider the kids.
I love this one – but would be mortified if one of mine were to post it. You have put in the legwork, your kids know what manners are – an impressive thing in this day and age – and then you undermine it all but not following it yourself. This is one that cannot be covered by do what I say or not what I do – that never works anyway. Manners don’t cost anything – use them too, aged has nothing to do with it.
my parents are my slavesWhen I saw this I did a double take. You have got to be kidding me – unless your intention was to have a dominatrix in training, there is something wrong here. Grounded would not be the only solution to this little one. The chores added would flip the tables leaving this one wondering if scared straight was an easier option.
dad is my taxiThis one is nearly as bad – true we have a responsibility to get our children to various things but a taxi we are not. Dad needs to go out and buy a meter and put that up – give your daughter a weekly budget and once over that start taking it out of her pocketmoney.
dad wants daughter to drive him to hookerUsing you daughter as a taxi to pick up hookers – what more can you say – REALLY DAD REALLY. This one is wrong on so many levels, apart from the legality – how many of the relatives follow her? Guess dad will not be attending any family events any time soon.
dad  eats pussyGuess this one was after the visit to the brothel… I don’t know which is worse, the tweet itself or having the conversation at IHOP. Not exactly public breakfast conversation. One added note for the son, you may find the girls less attracted to you after that post.
don't feed dogs cheetos or get suedThought this one was a good way to end. Kids suing their parents may have grounds occasionally – one above comes to mind. Seeing a tweet that my child was going to take me to court is something I don’t want to see.

Dads Really Would Like To Avoid Teen Pregnancy, Working The Pole

Fathers don't want daughters with big asses or tittiesWe really just want daughters who are happy. Hey it’s your body, whatever you are happy with we can deal with. But we do have moments where what you are wearing takes us a little aback… we just are trying to keep you from the pole and when you walk out of the house looking like that’s where you’re going we get a little worried.
dad pleas "please don't show the thong"
Get the job before you go native. Otherwise you are getting the job because they want the thong – dad’s sometimes really know the smile not the thong

The smile should be enough. Leave the rest out of the imaginations and you never know they may realize you are the right fit for the job. Okay we worry… but we wouldn’t be dad’s otherwise.

We want to protect those close to us..

If you think the guy code covers it you obviously are not a dad. We may avoid being the messenger to a mate (real ones would get a heads up) but our direct family always gets the direct answer.

Guys like Anthony will come and go – the right partner does not cheat – you will learn that and we will be there and be very happy when you one cheats on our daughters

Guess dad raised Anthony to be a player… not really helping the son’s chances on holding on to the girl. Hate the game – laugh at the player.

There are far more pressing concerns – get the education and enjoy your lives. But hey someone has to take those jobs. Young unwed pregnant daughters scare fathers. We see Teen Moms as a cautionary tale, not some humous reality show.pregnancy is as bad as working the pole

Dad Really Wants The Best

Air Force is a career choiceThis dad I like – smart move on the subliminal suggestion. We want the best for our kids – that 20 year commitment goes fast enough and you have benefits and a pension and are only in your early 40s. You can go back to college, get a government backed housing loan and much more.we want to bash our heads too

We want to bash ours too… and have wanted to for a much longer time!!!

The little joys of embarrassing your kids is a major benefit of being a parent – but most of the time we lose the thread and come up lame… we get over it quicker.

If you are a divorced dad you more than likely have drunk dialed your kids… my daughter has had a few – but it usually happens because she is last previous conversation sober.

Lol, this one just seems such a lame tweet – needs some beer perhaps. But bored drinkers usually need text support.

When nature calls, it doesn’t mind if it gets used to answer the call. Have never done this but think the daughter is enough of a naturist.

Dads really love their yards – find a corner but try not to let me see – if I do you will do pool time. Come on its is just disrespectful – we have bathrooms in the house.

But we will gladly buy burgers if the dog is not crapping in our yards. Hey if a dog can show more respect than one of the kids’ friends – not saying much for the pool-drench fool urinating in the yard.

This dad really needs some help if he is going to fall for this one. Though if I was played like this the iguana would be on the grill and eaten at the first bbq where the piercing made its debut.

Becoming a cop is like joining the military – great pension and benefits – but it also offers the positive of starting on the right side of the law. You can do a lot worse, though that depends on the city force you join – some are more dangerous than others.

Sometimes We Don’t Want To Know

dad reallyAs the headline states… sometimes we don’t want to know. Though if you look at the avatar pic, maybe the dad was really wondering. Dads usually are fine with their sons having sex, but real head in the sand about daughters’ sex lives – we really don’t want to know unless they are pregnant – we can still have virginal thoughts of our little girls.

Then again, we would rather give away the car then think of the possibility of the other question – dad was most probably just becoming aware and was fogged over, asking incredulously the question.
Cars Or Babies
We rarely offer overly expensive first cars… we do not all have “super sweet 16” pockets, and if I did I would never give an expensive car… that first clutch and body and brakes always get abused. Older cars can have character and develop it. We mainly try to help.. but can have ‘senior’ or maybe more accurately ‘overwhelmed dad’ moments.

no pole dancing
Dads always strive to keep their daughters from the pole – on behalf of most dads I wish this woman well… thinking liking ‘black boys’ is bad is an issue all its own. But from the tweets I have been reading there does seem to be enough screwed up dads, just like there are screwed up kids.
playing catch with dad
I'd buy that for a dollar
not all women are feminine
beacon to deacon
But there are occasions when you have to ask what motivates the dad to some of the things… just as the most tweeted “my dad really pisses me off” phrase is present, there are dads with boiling blood from things their kids do.
I may leave the ex wife a dollar… my kids get an education and some solid life experiences.
texas bbq available in a few hours

The Ups Upped On Dad Really Tweets

First Dad Really Tweets

Have grabbed a few amusing tweets over the past few months as I pondered how to build the site. So here goes, I will search through Twitter – will try every day but can’t promise – and come up with what attracts the eye from the “dad really” tweets. I will eventually add a hashtag but I really want to capture these tweets in the wild.

Dad Really - Said With Mostly LoveOkay so this was a little lame – but it was the first one I saw when this concept came to me. I am learning and hope you can offer suggestions and even comments about the ones I have chosen.

I feel for this girl…. a birthday hot dog – may have been appreciated by someone under seven – I think that is the cut off there.

More dad really tweetsI’m floating between the hot dog and the car – though my daughter did get one for her 17th birthday… and see I knew the cut off was 7 years old!! – sad to see the wondering… you get concern for dad, desire to be aware and acknowledgement of not knowing.

I have been thinking about cutting off the tweeters info – but this was posted in to the public void – one of the cautionary flags about posting on public social networks… things gets shared.

dad really caresBut we also like to screw with you a little – it is one of the ways we let you know you are not running a lot by us. True we never get it all, but we get a lot more then you may realize. We give you some space until the benefit is abused and we have to cut back… smart play is to start improving how to read us…

dad really that music sucks– Why exactly are we the ones who don’t know anything when we just don’t listen or largely like the same types of music? If my guys slowly learn the music of the past, they will know more music overall than I do that impresses me. But I have kept up somewhat.

dad really arcade fireI knew about Arcade Fire because of their cool HTML5 video – the integration of the Google Maps API to find the address and then work it in to the video is inspiring… this internet thing could last.

I would have recognized the Angry Birds music… it was a distraction for a few days.. and occasionally if not reading when on the subway I will try conquering another annoying level…

dad really does not like this eitherThis is one most dad’s would have trouble with – and it does not matter the age – but then we were the age of the stupid askers and can sometimes (not often and not at first) understand where they are coming from…

dad really does not get it alwaysWe try but never get it right and don’t mind being your amusement on occasion.

The Clothing thing is one generational clash we find hard to have complete common ground. I like my clothes and no matter what the age of the woman saying how it is not cool or appropriate or just plain ugly – we don’t care… some clothes are just comfortable and friendly. Polo shirts are easy.
dad really likes these clothesBut I try to avoid the shirts with the big brand labels on them… little too trendy for mine – but know I have choices that annoy the kids… live with it, you have just as many that annoy us.

dad really loves the military
Without a doubt we always want the best for you… and sometimes it may not seem like it – just the way it goes. Being computer savvy will go a longer way then athletic prowess when it comes to job security. Hey it may pay for college, and even then the dreams far outnumber the reality – my pocket was disappointed when my daughter turned down a full ride for soccer – but her reason that she wanted to concentrate on school and not have to be distracted by the two-a-day practices was alright by me.

The military option if done at an early age has many long term benefits. You get an additional pension which could come in handy – if they are still paying them by the time you get to retire. Not my fault, I did not elect most of the government’s that have caused such havoc on the economy.

But enough of the moaning, the main intent of this blog is to be humorous – have a little light reading that brings a smile.

dad really thinks this is weirdThis one is a bit of a mystery to me, but if you look at the avatar I suppose the dad is really hoping. But really – even I have a hard time imaging the possibility.

dad really hopes the looks will come

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